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Civil Air Patrol uses regulations “to enforce an organization-wide standard or evoke a behavior with members.” Some of the regulations came about due to personal injury or equipment damage. Others are designed to share the best practices across the organization. Others are there to ensure consistency, efficiency, and/or fairness are available to everyone in the organization. 

Regulations are mandatory. They are the rules that are not to be broken. Think of them as being rigid: no flexibility.

Commonly used Regulations:

Full list of Regulations can be found here.

Manuals may require mandatory compliance or they may have best practices, but allow for a little flexibility.

Pamphlets are guiding or best practice in nature. While compliance is not mandatory, you should have a good reason to support any decision to deviate from the pamphlet should you do so. “Pamphlets should be the document that highlights recommended means or identified “best practices” for attaining regulatory compliance. However, use of and/or adhering to what is contained in a pamphlet may be directed by regulation.

Commonly used Pamphlets:

Full list of Pamphlets can be found here.

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