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Vanguard Industries

Vanguard supports the members of the Civil Air Patrol. A portion of all Civil Air Patrol sales are donated to Civil Air Patrol Headquarters for the enhancement of C.A.P programs. All Civil Air Patrol orders are processed out of the Virginia location.

Make sure you read, understand and reference CAPR 39-1 when preparing to make your order. If you have questions consult your Squadron Commander or Cadet Command prior to ordering.

Uniform Items:

  • CAP - ABU (Cadets & Senior Members USAF Style Utility Uniform)

  • Uniform Items (Cadet & Senior Member USAF Style "Blues" Uniform, Corporate Polo, Blue BDU)

  • Leisure Wear (CAP T-Shirts, Athletic Wear, Ball Caps)

Other Vanguard Services

EZ Rack Builder

Vanguard is excited to announce that Civil Air Patrol members can now order their regulation, hand-crafted, ribbon and medal racks from our website using our new EZ Rack builder. Choose from a selection of mounts, ribbons and medals to personalize each rack to your preferences.

Discover our new EZ rack builder.

Training Materials

Vanguard also provides non-uniform items: New Cadet Guide, Log books, Study Guides, Training Materials, other.

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