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Don Genitile Composite Squadron Commander

Capt John Shawver is a native of Lima, Ohio and joined Civil Air Patrol in 2016. He serves as the Squadron Commander with the Don Gentile Composite Squadron in Miami County.

In addition Capt Shawver serves as the Ohio Wing Assistant Director of Cadet Programs. The Assistant Director of Cadet Programs serves as the senior advisor to the Director of Cadet Programs on personnel, logistics, budget, curriculum, and training. Collaborates with colleagues at the Wing-level and advising lower echelons on best practices in ensuring a healthy environment of cadet learning and progression to provide a seamless approach to leadership, teaching and learning in Ohio Wing.

Capt Shawver has attended several encampments serving as training officer (Ohio 2018, Ohio 2019, Florida 2019-20) and recently Commandant of Cadets for Ohio Wing 2022.


  • Education & Training

  • 2018, Squadron Leadership School

  • 2018, Training Leaders of Cadets Basic

  • 2019, Corporate Learning Course

  • 2019, Training Leaders of Cadets Intermediate

  • Specialty Track Ratings

  • 2020, Cadet Programs Senior Rating

  • 2021, Character Development Senior Rating

  • 2019, Public Affairs Technician Rating

  • Promotion History

  • 23 May 2016, Second Lieutenant

  • 19 May 2019, First Lieutenant

  • 18 Dec 2021, Captain

  • Awards & Honors

  • 2017, Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award

  • 2018, Brig Gen "Chuck" Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award

  • 2018, Commander's Commendation Award (Wing)

  • 2019, Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award

  • 2021, Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award

  • 2021, Crisis Service Award

  • 2022, Commander's Commendation Award (Wing)

  • 2022, Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award

  • 2022, Jack V. Sorenson Award for Cadet Programs Officer of the Year (Ohio Wing)

  • 2023, Commander's Commendation Award (Wing)

  • 2023, Commander's Commendation Award (Wing)

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