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Civil Air Patrol inspires a love of aviation, space, and technology, including new frontiers in cyber defense. Cadets study the fundamentals of aerospace science in the classroom, and experience flight first-hand in Civil Air Patrol and military aircraft. At some summer activities, cadets explore STEM careers.

The AE Programs area includes STEM Kits, CyberPatriot, and other programs of interest to cadets.

The AE Curriculum area also has good info for cadets.  Simply find your area of interest and explore!

Aerospace/STEM Resources for Remote Education offers a plethora of sites and programs for any cadet!

YouTube videos are available for each lesson in all six Aerospace Dimensions modules HERE! (Developed by Capt Robert Roberts, SCWG Director of Aerospace Education), and placed on his amazing Aerospace Education YouTube channel.)

Get specific program info and video of the CAP Rocketry Program HERE produced by 2d Lt Richard Reynolds of the SWR-TX-351, Pegasus Composite Squadron. (See the paper guide found HERE.)

Aerospace Lessons and Activity Resources

Aerospace / STEM Resources for Remote Education

Careers in Aerospace

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