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A Winning Program

Winning Program

We consider our squadron a winning program and you, our Cadets, seniors and parents, are a part of that program. Too many people measure successes based on Wins and Losses.

How many Wins and Losses can we check off and say "That win made us or defined us as successful"? Are we committed? Are we a winning program?

Please note, when I say winning program – I am not referring to W’s & L’s exclusively. I am referring to a winning culture, developing winning habits and setting winning standards.

Winning is all about commitment.

Every Cadet and every Senior Member must be committed to…

  • Academic work. Aim for success in everything you do, not just the stuff you want to do.

  • Behavior. Carry yourself in a first-class manner at all times. Be respectful.

  • Character. Doing the right thing all of the time (not just when someone is watching you).

  • The program. No one is bigger than the team and no team or group is bigger than the program.

  • Working hard. There is never an excuse to let someone outwork you. Never.

  • Working smart. Work with efficiency & purpose.

  • Working consistently. Anyone can work hard for a day. Work hard and smart every day.

  • Unselfishness. Be a servant leader. Put others' needs first.

  • A winning attitude. Earn confidence through effort and demonstrated performance.

  • The Squadron. Commit to your Squadron’s philosophy and system of play.

  • Your role. Know it. Embrace it. Take pride in it. Fulfill it to the best of your ability.

  • Cadets and Seniors. They are your brothers/sisters/parents. You are a family.

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